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Bill vs Bill: Is belief in God a delusion?


William Lane Craig was recently in New Zealand for a conference on Molinism at the Victoria University in Wellington. While he was here he had a number of public speaking engagements, including this one, a debate with Bill Cook of the New Zealand Atheists, Rationalists and Humanists, at the University of Auckland. The topic of the debate was: “Is God a Delusion?”

Unfortunately I was not able to attend. From what I have heard, most of those in attendance, regardless of their view of the existence of God held a more or less shared view of who won the debate. But you can decide for yourself.


70s anti-Mormon Video


Episode 008: Secularism and Equality


  1. Nathan

    hi.. these clips don’t appear to be available anymore… or is it just me?

  2. Hi Nathan – I just tried playing the clips, and they seem to play fine.

  3. Pat

    Sounds just about as exciting as the Foucault/Chomsky debate.

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