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Episode 008: Secularism and Equality


Here’s Episode 8, in which I discuss whether a truly secular version of political liberalism can really embrace a proper liberal doctrine of equality. I argue that it cannot.

I’m also experimenting with lower quality mp3 files to save space, and it make it quicker to download. This one is only 64kbps.

I also have a cold in this episode. I hate colds.


Bill vs Bill: Is belief in God a delusion?


Episode 008b: Promote this podcast!

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  1. Thanks for reducing the file sizes, it works and sounds great.

    I loved this episode, although it goes a little over my head at times as I haven’t studied philosophy in any great depth. Once again a great demonstrations of the futility and unattainability of the atheist position where they have to borrow a multitude of presuppositions from a theistic worldview to make any sense at all.

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