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Episode 003: Religion in the Public Square, Part 2


parliament-godPart 2 of a 2 part series on Religion in the Public Square.

For those interested, here’s the transcript for this episode, and here‘s the transcript for episode 2. Comments are welcome, and remember, if you’d like to email questions/comments/feedback for me to address in the show, feel free to use the contact button over on the right.


Episode 002: Religion in the Public Square, Part 1


Episode 004: Parodying Plato


  1. Raptor

    The link for the first transcript is not working for me. Could you please repost it?

  2. Hey Raptor, thanks for the heads up. I’ve fixed the link now.

  3. Kristian

    When I try to download this I get a corrupted file and since the links to play it on the site aren’t working for me either I can’t listen to his podcast.

  4. Kristian, I’m not sure what could be causing that problem for you. I have just tested this in two ways: I first clicked on the play button in the post, and it played normally. I then downloaded and played the mp3 file, and it also plays normally.

    If the play button does not work for you, that indicates that you don’t have a working java plugin for your browser. I can’t help with the corrupted download, however, as the file is fine, and downloaded correctly for me. I can only suggest downloading it again. What media player are you using to try and play it?

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