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Episode 018: Athanasius, Atonement and Annihilation


Here it is, Episode 18. Here I draw on the work of the fourth century bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius. His work called The Incarnation of the Word is my all-time favourite work from the Church Fathers, and I think it gives us excellent theological reasons for adopting annihilationism. Along the way, it invites a theological storm over what it meant for Christ to become subject to death as one of us.

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  1. Greg Harvey

    Hello, Glenn. I’ve been enjoying your podcast and have worked through about half of them so far. I’ve listened to the ones on annihilationism twice each. I think you make a strong case that hell is not eternal punishment but I’m not clear on your position on the interim time period before Judgement Day. Are the condemned annihilated at death unconsciously? Are they consciously suffering until annihilation? Did Hitler just die and knew no more? Maybe you’ve covered that. In these arguments it seems the ends are often well defined but not the middles.

  2. Hi, Glenn. I listened to this 4 times this AM. Still thonking it over. Could you do more with the Christology of physicalism? Oh, and isthere more an exegetical defense of physucalism in God’s word, “from dust you came and to dust you shall return”? I think i have a part two to my own TSBs podcast now…thanks. I’d love to hear back from you.

  3. Hi, again. Do you think A’s comments on the immortality of the soul could have been a later digression for which he offered no correction for the former statements on mortality? 2nd, when A says that man was made in the image of the Word, what does that do tomtje incarnation? Does it make the incarnation inevitable sans the lapse? Make that 5x listened to….

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