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The Holy Spirit injured me! …. or did he?


Thanks Dee Dee for bringing this story to my attention.

A former board member of the Lakewind Church in Tennessee has sued the church and its pastors, saying that he was injured when he fell after the spirit took him during a church service.

According to the complaint, Matthew Lincoln was participating in the evening service at the church when a visiting minister touched his forehead after Lincoln came to the altar.  “Mr. Lincoln received the spirit and fell backwards striking the carpet-covered cement floor . . ., causing him to sustain severe and permanent injuries.”  Lincoln alleges that the fall aggravated a pre-existing back injury, rendering him unable to work.

I find this to be (apart from hilarious) rather revealing. It wasn’t the pentecostal leaders who made him fell – right? It wasn’t peer pressure, his own silly expectations or the desire to look spiritual in front of his peers. Right? It was the Holy Spirit – Right Mr Lincoln?

So why is he suing the church? They didn’t make the Holy Spirit do this, did they? Why isn’t he suing God for the 2.5 million dollars he is seeking?


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  1. good point!

    cool blog – haven’t listened to your podcasts (yet… well I started to anyway) on hell/annihilation – however I believe that the Bible does not teach annihilation.

    Cool blog.

  2. Hey Andy, and welcome to my blog. As far as your view on annihilationism goes, well, there’s still time to change. 😉

  3. …If I believed in annihilationism, then what the heck, why bother with God and Heaven, etc, just live it up in this life, because there’s no consequences…

    Anyway. You’ll find out why I’m not so excited about raspberry coke if you click on the relevant link in the post… 😉

  4. Well, I guess some people don’t take that cavalier attitude to eternal life, and would rather actually HAVE it than be annihilated. I count myself in that group. As for whether or not any of us thinks that annihilation is bad enough…. I leave such things to God. Anyway, as Christians it’s generally best to adopt such positions on biblical grounds, rather than our opinion of the consequences. At least, that’s the approach I take.

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