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Alvin Plantinga: Christian. Philosopher. Movie Monster.


It’s a little known fact that between his stints at Calvin College and the University of Notre Dame, Alvin Plantinga had a brief cameo in a monster movie where he terrorised tourists at the Taj Mahal.

See here for an explanation of what possessed me to do this.




Biblical Marriage?


  1. Well, my entry won the highly sought after “most hilarious” award. See other entries here.

  2. Kenny

    Hi Glenn. You might be pleased to know that this picture was displayed tonight at Alvin Plantinga’s retirement dinner.

  3. Fantastic, Kenny! Details?

  4. Kenny

    Kelly James Clark was the MC for the event. He started out by saying he had googled for pictures of Alvin Plantinga on the internet and that he found this, while your picture was up on the screen. He also read the little blurb that goes with it. It got a pretty good laugh. I believe that a video of the dinner will be online some time in the future. You may want to keep an eye out for it.

  5. Can you post the link to the video of the retirement dinner?
    That must have been a hilarious moment when this picture popped up on the screen. Alvin is great!

  6. I just went to Youtube and typed “Alvin Plantinga Retirement.” There are a number of clips from that evening, it seems.

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