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Episode 025: Stop being a Christian and start being a person!


It has finally arrived, episode 25. It’s a bit of a different topic for me, not very philosophical, I guess a little theological, just some ideas that have been on my mind a bit lately about how we should approach the world and what it means to be a Christian in it.

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Slowing things down a little


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  1. MichelleM


    I liked this episode, but then I like every episode. I was nodding my head a lot during the parts about music and scholarship (which made me look
    dorkier than usual) because you were articulating my thoughts perfectly, and with a better accent.

    When it came to the part about people, you seemed to cut it short. I listened to that part twice, and got that feeling both times. Too bad for me, this is something I really want to think about. Now, darn it, I’m going to have to do my own thinking.

    Looking forward to the next episode, although I think it’s going to make my mind hurt. Or my brain. Or both.


  2. Thanks Michelle. Yeah I think it does sound a little cut short. I was conscious of the episode starting to get long. Maybe I should have added just a little more.

  3. David

    Good stuff as usual Doc!

    That’s the first time, and likely the last, that I’ve ever heard a comparison of Skillet and Megadeth with the latter coming out on top.

    I guess it just goes to show that you can’t judge quality by the label someone has slapped on it.

  4. Well done Glenn – very good.

  5. David

    Oh, just curious, but why do you dislike “Answers in Genesis”? [I think their work is rubbish too, but don’t tell that to my teachers.:P]

  6. Sargia

    Interesting talk, and good points! Schaeffer makes similar arguments about art in his book ‘Art and the Bible’.

    Yes, I’m curious too. Why don’t you like AiG?

  7. yo Glenn πŸ™‚

    Ironically we have similar music taste, and opinions about what its worth listening too. I think you might quite like Poor Old Lu. But anyway..

    I listen to music because its good, and I recognise the talents, and gifts of the muscians. I also recognise that these gifts and talents are given by God, even though they might not be used to glorify him..
    Often I find the truth in these songs. One just has to listen to Ozzy Osborne’s nightmarish songs of torment by the devil to know its true πŸ˜›


  8. Mike

    I just wanted to thank you for your views and opinions regarding Christian scholarship. I have made science my career and have been attacked on both sides of the issue.

    Many atheists cannot understand why I “buy into” Christianity, yet I have been called a heretic by some Christians when they learn that I am a theistic evolutionist.

    I follow the idea that my job allows me to give glory to the almighty by discovering his creation and how it works. Yet I come under attack because some believe that science has an antagonistic relationship with religion. I find this attitude one of the most dangerous in the Church today. By continuing this false dichotomy, you risk turning many good Christians into skeptics.

    Many skeptics that I have come across on the web have at one time been a part of a community that accepts Young Earth Creationism. They then get to college and are exposed to evidence that they feel cannot be ignored. Instead of abandoning young earth creationism, they abandon the Church because they feel lied to.

    At the risk of prolonging my rant, I will stop here and just say thanks.

  9. Kenny

    Yep. This podcast hit the nail on the head.

  10. A family friend (an 8 year-old) is doing a project on Saturn for school. Since you brought Skillet back to mind, I thought she would get a kick out of the song: “Saturn has a ring around it.”
    Poor Elise.
    On the first chorus, she corrected the lyrics: “Saturn has SEVEN rings around it.”
    After the second chorus and her failed attempt to get Skillet to be more accurate, she walked away in disgust.

  11. OBP


    I think it’s ironic that you have links to “Top 100 Christian blogs” and “NZ’s Top Christian Podcast” while decrying the concept of a Christian subculture. Good episode, though.

  12. OBP, I suppose I could link to “blogs that promote Christianity,” but I think you’d find that the lists would be more or less the same. πŸ˜‰

  13. Gisela

    Second time I’ve heard you speak. First, on “Unbelievable”, and second, this podcast “Stop…”.

    You’re like a cool refreshing beer. Really wonderful. Thank you.

  14. Christian

    I found the music section in this Podcast very interesting, though It didn’t really tell me anything new that I didn’t already know.

    I have always disliked music that portrays Christianity as something that is just there to make you feel good, or encourage people to approach their faith with no real thought. Its usually just all “yay jesus loves me woohoo” rather than actually getting people to think about what they believe.

    I myself am a massive fan of Christian metal, as my favorite band in this genre (More specifically, Metalcore) actually criticize the mentality that I stated in the above paragraph. As is in the lyrics of one of my favorite songs.. “But what wisdom is there within us to live based on the feelings of our hearts?”

    Not only is the lyricist is only one semester away from a philosophy degree, but this band would also count as “good music” without the Christian label. In fact, I would say excellent, or maybe even the best there is, and yet they still know how to glorify God without being too ‘preachy’.

    Great podcast Glen, I’ve been downloading a fair few recently πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the podcast, first time I have listened. It was Christian so it must have also been “good” πŸ™‚

    Think I need to check out some Megadeth now. What was the piece at the very end?

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