I don’t usually mention it when I add a new blog to the list of blogs on the right hand side of this page. If I like a blog, I usually just add it, and if you happen to be checking out the blogs that I follow, you’ll discover it.

I didn’t want to risk people not seeing this one. I’ve just added Quodlibeta to the blog list. Here’s how they describe the blog:

The Latin word Quodlibeta means “whatever you like” and refers to the special occasions at medieval universities when the students (or clerks as they were known) could test their masters by asking any question they fancied. This blog is primarily concerned with religion, science, history and their interface. But like the medieval clerks, we reserve the right to post on anything we want.

It’s the blog of James Hannaam, Humphrey Clarke, Jim S (if “S” is indeed his surname) and J.D. Walters. The authors are eminently qualified, the subject matter is thoroughly fascinating, the delivery is first rate, and I’ll be checking in on a regular basis.