1. Need to get a job

2. Want job at university

3. Need PhD to get job at University

4. Got PhD

5. Need some experience in order to get job

6. Need to have a job in order to get some experience

hmmmmm…. *lightbulb goes on*

7. Get fellowship to get experience to get a job

8. Yes, got PhD, but need to invest full time activity in publication outputs, raising profile and research proposals to get fellowship, or no get fellowship (Croneyism not work for us foreign devils)

9. Need to live full time (without breaks)

10. Need some sort of job to earn money to live

11. Can live full time and do one other thing full time. Cannot do two other things full time, because time can only be used once

12. Get low paid full time job that not require any degree, to earn money to live on

13. Now it is time to do step 8.

14. Wait, this not work… now time for step 8 is gone. Cannot have two full times lives

15. Need to do step 8 or steps 7 and 1 never happen. Erase step 12

16. Start step 8

17. Starve to death

Life cycle over

Glenn Peoples