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My friend Geoff Gummer has started a wiki site at . It’s an encyclopedia of Christian thought, covering theology, philosophy, biblical studies, Christian biography, missions, and anything else that fits. There was one out there that I thought was pretty good when I first learned of its existence, but alas, like so many potentially good resources it is under the thumb of a fairly partisan agenda.

This encyclopedia aims above all for fairness and reliability. There’s nothing worse (well, there are some things worse, but I’m waxing rhetorical) than knowing that trusting people are using reference tools to actually get a fair understanding of an idea, only to get (without realising it) a slanted and unfair representation of the idea, written that way because the author has a theological agenda against the idea in question. For that reason, all contributions to this encyclopedia may be subject to review, and we (I’m sort of involved with the project) require that the contributors are able to speak with some authority on the subjects they write on (but you don’t have to be a professor!). Maybe there’s a subject that you’ve done some work on and on which you’d like to share your knowledge with the world. Don’t just assume – as do some users of other online resources – that because you have a strong belief about something you’re qualified to expound upon the idea for the purposes of educating people.

The site is very new, and there’s virtually nothing there at the moment. If you’d like to become a contributor to the encyclopedia, head on over to the site and drop Geoff a line. I’ve recently made a contribution on Divine Command Ethics. Let’s build this up into a top notch resource! Maybe you can even come up with a name for it?


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