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Pro choicer advocates murdering pro-lifers


I think abortion is unjustified homicide, but I’m talking about another kind of murder here.

“Operation Counterstrike” is a blog hosted at blogspot. Here is what the anonymous author advocates. He is commenting on the recent sentencing of Scott Roeder, the man who shot dead George Tiller, an abortionist who aborted very late term unborn children. Here is what this nameless person says:

Roeder’s conviction on a charge of first-degree murder is nice, but it is not justice.

Justice will be when right-to-lifers have to live as Dr. Tiller lived: behind guarded gates and bullet-proof glass.

Justice will be when right-to-lifers die as Dr. Tiller died: in their churches, by gunshot to the head.

Blogspot blogs have a feature that enables people to report inappropriate blogs, such as this one that, true to form, shows no regard for human life, advocating murder.

Please use this feature to report this blog. Once a few people report it and the administrators see what this person calls for, the blog wil be removed. Thanks. Let’s have this sort of thing cleaned up.

Go and do it now.


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  1. Bob


  2. CPE Gaebler

    Done. Excuse me, I have to go be mildly nauseated now.

  3. MichelleM


  4. CPE Gaebler

    Now I just need to try not to get hooked on trolling this jerk. I asked him if, since saying “Abortion is murder” is murder in his crazy, crazy mind, if when I said “Abortion is murder” three times three people just died, but no response.

    I need a life, fast.

  5. CPE – take up a new hobby. Do you have a blog? 😉

  6. CPE Gaebler

    Not really… I would, but I haven’t the faintest clue what I’d talk about. And I am rarely able to keep such projects up longer than a week or so.

    Also, apparently this guy made up his own religion to justify his insane hatred for pro-lifers, which is based on the one-sided “terror” campaign that forces abortion doctors to have bulletproof glass and bodyguards. Weird.

  7. Done, I’ll pass it on.

  8. CPE Gaebler

    I just found a quote from this freak on another blog. I have nothing else to add. Quote follows:

    “It’s time for counterterror. It’s PAYBACK time.

    It’s time to assassinate right-to-lifers like Professor Robert P. George of Princeton (One George deserves another) and Paul Hill’s widow and children.

  9. Doubtless he’s some teenager who thinks he’s just being cool and tough sounding. The idea of online responsibility hasn’t yet formed in his mind.

  10. CPE Gaebler

    I sincerely hope so. I’m just a bit weirded out. I don’t have much contact with bona fide crazy people.

  11. CPE Gaebler

    I should stop. But first, I found another post.

    It’s not just prolifers it’s OK to kill; people who deny you tenure are totally up for grabs too. Just don’t use a gun, it’s crude.

  12. My intention with this post was not to feed the guy with willing conversation partners!

  13. CPE Gaebler

    Don’t worry, I haven’t really been commenting anymore. I just checked it today out of curiosity.

    Sadly, if they were going to delete the blog, I’d think they’d have done it already. 🙁

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