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When will Dawkins go after the left?


As I noted recently, Richard Dawkins has been at his fairy tale telling best, claiming that when Pat Robertson blamed Haiti’s poverty and earthquake on a nonexistent pact with Satan, in spite of what Christians say and have said for centuries and in spite of what the Bible actually teaches, it is Robertson who is the true Christian here, representing genuine Christian teaching. You know, the stuff that Christians don’t teach.

Since Dawkins is a fair and even handed person who would never single out a religious crank as representative of Christians and not apply the same standard elsewhere, I now wait with bated breath for him to start claiming that all people of a politically left wing persuasion believe that the United States of America is behind all human suffering. After all, a famous leftist crank said it.

I’m waiting. Sick him, Dawkins.

Hat tip to halfdone for the clip!


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  1. Dan

    Beautiful. As a Christian in academia, I deal with this type of hypocrisy almost every day.

    And thanks for the Robertson quote that started it all — I got to deliver a message on Ps. 121 at the local rescue mission this weekend and that was a perfect foil for the points I was trying to make.

  2. John

    Why should Dawkins go after the left in relation to the ongoing tragedy of Haiti?

    This thoroughly leftist site gives you all the information you need we the origins of the situation in Haiti.

  3. Ok fair point, I’ll come up with something soon and get back to you.

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