Sure, things are quiet now, but just wait.

A few things are happening over the next couple of days. First, I’m at work writing the next podcast episode which (sans some sort of hectic last minute change) is on the subject of original sin. It’s a bit like a “nuts and bolts” blog, only it’s longer and it’s a podcast.

Secondly, in a couple of days I’ll be making good on the promise I made a while back to post a review of Jim Spiegel’s book, The Making of an Atheist: How immorality leads to unbelief. The book is doubtless going to inspire a number of blog posts in the future as well, such are the fascinating issues it wades through.

And as I mentioned just recently (and will mention plenty of times until the event arrives), I’m off to a conference at Oxford in late August. I’ll be spending time off and on between now and then putting my paper together and getting it into shape, as well as trying to drum up some support to help get me there.

So sit tight. The silence is about to be broken.