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Episode 050: So what?


In episode 50, I ask the question – So what?

Throughout the life of this blog and podcast I have offered a Christian perspective on the subjects that I cover, even having the audacity to commend a Christian outlook as sensible, defensible and (gasp) true! But why bother doing that? What’s it all about – what difference does it make whether or not Christianity is true? You’ll have to listen and find out!

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  1. I notice you have utilised one of my artworks for this blogpost. I am an atheist and I would prefer not to be linked to conservative Christianity in the future. Thank you.

    PS I must commend you for the top banner. Did you create it yourself? It looks very good.

  2. E. Asbenson

    Re: the first comment: considering that Roy Lichtenstein died in 1997, I’d be interested to hear “Roy’s” take on the afterlife.

  3. “Roy”, by commenting here you agreed not to impersonate another person.

  4. Roy

    G’day Glenn

    Fantastic episode! I think your speaking tours has brought a new dimension to the podcasts, giving it a freshness. I really appreciated this episode Glenn – and congratulations on the 50th episode! How can I help you celebrate? A book? A donation? A restaurant voucher?

    I liked that it wasn’t an argument for God, but more about the big picture. I got a real sense of your humility too.

    One another note – given your desire to do more Biblical studies and request for ideas on podcasts/blogs – there are a few things I’d love to hear your perspective on:
    * The sovereignty of God and His relationship to man.

    * Sort of related to the above – and you mentioned this in this podcast: Why pray?
    ie, What happens when we pray? If God is all-knowing, has everything decreed from the beginning of time, what does praying do? Does it change me? Or is it a bit of a cosmic trick that God gets us to pray for things knowing full well what He’s about to give us?

    * 7 years is a long time for a podcast … so you may not remember that on them, you said that you’d have Dee Dee Warren on and also Dr Nancey Murphy on. I’d love to hear more about non-reductive physicalism/downward causation (or whatever it’s called) and the example of the ants looked at.

    Congrats again Glenn

  5. Billy Squibs

    Another excellent episode, Glenn. Thanks for putting so much into the podcasts.

    I’d love to hear something on the role that doubt has in Christianity. To my mind there are two approaches that I’ve encountered –

    1) A frank admission that doubt happens and it need not be a bad thing
    2) Pretend that it never happens or if it does then assume that you are doing something wrong.

    Perhaps this could be contrasted with the role that doubt plays amongst New Atheist types. The only time I can recall such folks talking about doubt within the context of their atheism was in a thread where the vast majority of respondents (say 20 or so) denied that they had ever experienced doubts about their atheism – which struck me as extraordinary.

  6. Thanks, that’s a great idea, Billy. I do believe I’ll include it in a future episode / blog!

  7. Billy Squibs

    Cheers Glenn!

  8. Thanks Roy! Thanks also for reminding me about my comments on interviewing people. I’ll start following that up now. 🙂

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