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Jonathan Edwards on the Freedom of the Will: New Inklings, 30 April 2013


The New Inklings discussion group is meeting for the second time in history. All are welcome for food, drink (both BYO) and discussion.

So – our next meeting is…

When: 5 pm, Tuesday 30 April 2013

Where: Trax Bar and Cafe, Platform 1, Wellington Railway Station

Topic: Part One of Jonathan Edwards’ book, Freedom of the Will – Read it before arriving

See you there!


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  1. I’m jealous! I tried reading the book, but it’s hard… I’ll get back to it sometime.

  2. edwardtbabinski

    In a New Inklings group you ought to also include discussion of modern day Christian fantasy novels. Mark E. Rogers is a Christian and philosophy prof who has written some interesting novels including one that tells Tolkein’s tale from the point of view of a newborn Orc. Rogers also wrote an interesting Christian end of the world novel (Jonathan Edwards himself grew fascinated with the end of the world, didn’t he try to predict it?), titled The Dead, as well as novels featuring theological philosophical questions like Zorachus, the Blood of the Lamb trilogy The Expected One, The Devouring Void, and The Riddled Man, and the Zancharthus trilogy.

  3. I “ought to”? Start your own group!

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