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Right Reason – New address


Breaking news! The web address for this site has changed. I’m pleased to announce that I have acquired the address The old URL ( will still work via redirection, but please update your links if you can be bothered. Links to the new URL will help its visibility in a number of ways.

It was time to just bite the bullet and do it – it’s a better, more relevant name and it’s easier to remember.

The Podcast (and maybe the blog, but I’m thinking about it) is still called Say Hello to my Little Friend, but there may be a few decor changes to reflect the new address.

So remember – If you link to the site, please update your links as soon as you can. Beretta is no more. Long live Right Reason!

Glenn Peoples


Jonathan Edwards on the Freedom of the Will: New Inklings, 30 April 2013


The time-saving ability to see what’s going on


  1. Also, don’t panic if things don’t work every now and then over the next week as I tinker with things.

  2. Alabaster

    I’m enjoying your new quotation bar, Glenn. I opened your page and saw the quote from Stephan Law, and I’ve was chuckling for several minutes.

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