Episode 055: The Direction of Change

Earlier this year, the Synod of the Anglican Church in New Zealand and Polynesia made the decision to allow the blessing of same-sex relationships alongside marriages (but not to perform same-sex weddings, because they aren’t marriages – yes, it’s a confusing position). The Sunday after this decision was made, it was my turn to preach.

I took the opportunity to remind us all that yes, change occurs when people come into contact with the Church. But it’s not supposed to be the Church that changes.




Episode 054: Life is Good!

Here’s a talk I had the pleasure of giving at Mardon Road Church in Hamilton, in December 2017.

Do you really need a sermon to convince you that being alive is being better than dead? Well if you weren’t sure, hopefully I can talk you around!




Episode 053: The Mortal God – Materialism and Christology

Episode 53 has arrived. If you hold a materialist view of human nature, can you still hold an orthodox view of Jesus as God incarnate?

The short answer: Yup.




Episode 052: Hell as an Apologetics Concern

The traditional doctrine of hell is surely a major liability in the task of Christian apologetics. Isn’t it? At the very least, the significant tension between proclaiming the goodness and love of God should give you a reason to ask afresh whether or not he will cause the eternal suffering of human beings.

After much ado, the podcast is back. Enjoy!

Episode 051: Good Friday 2014

This episode is a bit different from a typical episode of Say Hello to my Little Friend. On Good Friday this year I was privileged to give the message at Broderick Road Chapel in Wellington. It wasn’t recorded at the time, but I’ve recorded it for you as several people said that they would be interested. One of the themes that I look at is the idea that the Gospel is the truth behind so many of the myths we hear.

Enjoy, and have a safe and joyous Easter season. He is risen. 🙂

Glenn Peoples


Episode 050: So what?

Here we are – episode 50! In this milestone episode, I ask the question – So what?

Throughout the life of this blog and podcast I have rather obviously attempted to offer a Christian perspective on the subjects that I cover, even having the audacity to commend a Christian outlook as sensible, defensible and (gasp) true! But why bother doing that? What’s it all about – what difference does it make whether or not Christianity is true? You’ll have to listen and find out!

Glenn Peoples


Episode 049: Why don’t more people believe?

If there are good reasons to believe, then why does the Christian faith have some really vehement detractors?

That’s the question I look at in this episode. It was originally given as a talk at the end of a church camp I was speaking at. Having already explained in previous talks that faith and reason work together and that there really are good intellectual reasons to believe that the Christian faith is true, I wanted to essentially prepare the audience for disappointment. You’re not going to walk out there and blow everybody away with the brilliance of your arguments. There are a number of reasons why people don’t believe, and in the time allowed for a wrap-up talk, I discussed some of them.

Glenn Peoples


Episode 048: The moral argument for God

In this episode I continue to re-trace my steps through my mini speaking tour earlier this year. This talk was the second in a series of introductory talks on apologetics. In it, I introduce and explain the moral argument for the existence of God.




Episode 047: The battle of the mind – faith and reason

What’s the role of reason in faith?

The podcast is back! This short series consists of talks that I recently gave on a speaking tour, speaking at a church camp in Auckland as well as at Thinking Matters events in Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga. The theme was Christian apologetics, and this first talk was to set the scene on the general issue of faith and reason.


Episode 046: The Non-moral Goodness of God

What do we mean when we say that God is good? If I’m right, we shouldn’t mean that God is morally good.

In Episode 46 of the podcast, I explain why it’s best not to think of God as morally good, and why it’s also best to maintain a clear distinction between moral and non-moral goodness, and in doing so deflate some objections to divine command ethics.